Bruun Rasmussen

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Copenhagen K
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+45 8818 1111
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Fine Art, Decorative Art, Jewelry, Coins, Stamps, Collectibles, Wines & Spirits
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Apr 23, 2018
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About company

For 70 years Bruun Rasmussen has been the bridge between buyers and sellers of unique pieces of art. With the most extensive experience and professional advice, valuation and communication of the auction industry in Scandinavia, we auction off more than 100,000 lots per year.

As the only internationally recognized auction house in the world, we now offer three different kinds of auctions, always based on Bruun Rasmussen’s professional valuation and advice:

  • Live Auctions: take place in the traditional salesroom, where the auction lots are sold by an auctioneer.

  • Online Auctions: take place on our website, where the auction lots are sold at the highest online bid.

  • Direct Auctions: also take place on our website, the difference being that it is the seller who takes the pictures of the auction lot and sends the lot directly to the buyer after the auction.

The three types of auctions ensure that auction lots worth everything fr om DKK 800 and up to several million kroner will find the right owner.

This is why we are considered Scandinavia's most sought-after and credible auction house. This is why we say that Bruun Rasmussen is ALL of Scandinavia's auction house!

About Bruun Rasmussen

It all began on the 16th of September 1948, wh ere the auction house was established in the centre of Copenhagen. Here, Arne Bruun Rasmussen let his ivory hammer fall for the first time on the 6th of October the same year. Today, Bruun Rasmussen has branched out to four locations in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

In October 1999, the doors opened to what is today Bruun Rasmussen's headquarters on the Copenhagen waterfront. Internationally, Bruun Rasmussen is represented in Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, Thailand and the United States.

We are proud of the position we have achieved both at home and around the world, and our aim is at all times to promote Bruun Rasmussen as being Scandinavia’s most sought-after, trustworthy and attractive auction house with the highest levels of expertise relative to the valuation, purchase and sale of art, antiques and furniture and household effects.

We also aim to constantly add to our knowledge of art and antiques as a prerequisite of an auction house of international stature. For several decades we have sold a wide range of articles of value, from furniture, paintings and modern design to silver, carpets and wine, etc.