Hansmichael KRUG

Postfach 940103
Frankfurt am Main
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+49 69 78800983, +49 69 78800982
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Registration date:
Apr 23, 2018
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About company
Year of Birth: 1948

Occupation: Philatelist

Languages: German

Nationality: German

Expert since: 1994

Member of AIEP since: 2002

National Expert Organisation: Member of German Federation of Philatelic Experts (BPP)

Personal Reference Collections: German Reich:  Brustschilde; Dominican Republic

Personal Forgeries Collections: As above

Current Areas of Specialisation: German Reich:  Brustschilde; Dominican Republic:  1865-1920

Type of Expert: Expert philatelist who issues certificates

The Expert Issues: Opinions and Certificates

Expertising for Dealers/Auctions: Yes

Normal Turn-Around Time: 2-4 weeks

Major FIP Exhibition Awards: German Reich (G)

Main Publications: Various articles in specialised journals

Membership: Berliner Philatelisten-Klub von 1888; Verein für Briefmarkenkunde 1878; Infla Berlin; Arge Brustschilde und Nachverwendete Stempel

Offices Held: Vice-President of Arge Brustschilde und Nachverwendete Stempel; Vice-President of Verein für Briefmarkenkunde 1878; Vice-President AFBV, Frankfurt

Philatelic Judging: FIP-Accredited Judge