Pascal Olivier BEHR

30 Avenue de l`Opéra Location
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+33 1 43123767, +33 1 43123773
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Apr 23, 2018
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About company
Year of Birth: 1962

Occupation: Philatelic dealer and expert

Languages: French, English

Nationality: French

Expert since: 1991

Member of AIEP since: 2001

Personal Reference Collections: French classic cancellations; French Colonies, overprints; French Colonies, postal history

Personal Forgeries Collections: Very large forgeries collection

Current Areas of Specialisation: France 1849-1900: stamps and postal history; France 1900-1945: stamps; French Colonies 1800-1945: stamps and postal history

Type of Expert: Expert dealer and/or auctioneer who issues certificates

The Expert Issues: Certificates

Expertising for Dealers/Auctions: Yes

Estimates/Opinions on Value: Yes

Main Publications: Collaboration with Yvert et Tellier, 1996-1999 (Le Spécialisé, Les Transport Aériens Guyannais, Côte D`Ivoire, Guadeloupe, la Réunion)

Membership: Club Philatélique Français; French Colonies Association (Col Fra); AIHP Franco-Prussian War Association; Société de Postes locales du Maroc; Académie Européenne de Philatélie; Collectors Club, New York; American Philatelic Society