Prof. DDr. Ortwin GREIS

Hauptstrasse 35
Seefeld Obb.
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+49 8152 9099516, +49 8152 3962349
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Apr 23, 2018
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About company
Year of Birth: 1941

Occupation: Scientist and university professor (retired)

Languages: German, English

Nationality: German

Expert since: 1994

Member of AIEP since: 1999

Personal Reference Collections: Imperial Russia, Zemstvo, seals and official mail

Personal Forgeries Collections: Zemstvo forgeries, proofs, reprints

Current Areas of Specialisation: Imperial Russia: Zemstvo - stamps and postal history; paper seals and free-frank mail; postal stationery

Type of Expert: Expert who does not issue certificates but who are active as regular or occasional consultants to philatelists, other experts, organizations or expert committees.

The Expert Issues: Opinions, statements, certificates

Expertising for Dealers/Auctions: Yes

Estimates/Opinions on Value: Yes

Normal Turn-Around Time: 2-8 weeks

Main Publications: Numerous articles

Membership: Society for Classical Russian Philately (SCRP); Rossica Society of Russian Philately; British Society of Russian Philately (BSRP); Canadian Society of Russian Philately (CSRP); Russian Society of Philately (SFR)

Offices Held: President SCRP (1998)

Editor, Journal of Classical Russian Philately