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The goal of our website with respect to the auctioneers is to promote their companies and increase their sales levels. To achieve it, we suggest you use the following services of our website absolutely for free :

Start an auction with an unlimited number of items.
You can choose from three types of the auction – Live, Timed or Pre-bids only.
Get into the Ratings of the site.
It is permanent charge-free advertising for your company at the most viewed pages of the website.
Get to the main page.
The sections of Nearest Auctions, Auction Results, Top Sales, Most Viewed Items.
To announce your auctions in the Calendar.
You can create a schedule for months and years ahead.
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To view the detailed statistics of your auctions.
The level of sales, profit, top items, top categories, the effectiveness of auctions, graphs and much more.
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To create your client base.
You can create lists of your clients.

After registration on the website, you will get 2 free options of the Featured auction, which is the most effective way to increase sales of your auction and attract new loyal customers.

If you start an auction before 1st September 2018, you will get 3 free options of the Featured auction

Step 1. Register on the Website.

To register on the website, go to the registration page, specify the desired login (not the name of the company), password, and email.

Set the type of interface – "Seller Interface". With this interface, you can sell and buy items. If you want to sell solely, you can always hide the Buyer’s tab in the settings of the interface of your account at any time.

Step 2. Fill out company details.

Fill out company information and upload the logo in the Company Info section of your account. The logo of the company should be of good quality, as it will be displayed on many pages of the website. The logo is the face of your organization.

Additionally, you can add company photos and a list of the best sales in the history of your company. It increases buyers’ trust in the company.

Step 3. Add new auction using the Seller tab.

In the "Auctions" section, press the "Add new auction" button and then select the type of auction in the opened page (Live Auction, Timed Auction or Pre-bids only Auction):

Fill in the information about the auction and confirm the saving:

Congratulations! You have added the new auction to the website. However, it will not be displayed until activation. To make the activation button available, it is necessary to add at least one item:

Step 4. Add items to your auction.

You can add the item to the auction through the Items section:

Fill out the maximum information about the item. We recommend filling the "Specifics" section since buyers actively use these filters when searching for the items. The items with filled specifics get more visits:

Now you can activate the auction. After activation the auction will become available on the pages of the website:

You can also add more items and edit details of the auction.

Step 5. Approve bid requests of the bidders.

Bidders will send you their requests for the participation in your auctions. You will need to confirm or decline them. When making a decision, pay attention to the Reliability Level of the bidder:

You can set up automatic approval rules, and bidders requests that fit these rules will be approved automatically upon admission:

We recommend placing the bidders on the Regular Bidders List so that you always have the contacts of your customers. The requests of the bidders from this list will be confirmed automatically (it is possible to turn off this function in the settings).

Step 6. Only for Live Auctions. Manage live bidding process.

When the date of the auction comes, the management page of live bidding becomes accessible for the auctioneer:

Here, you can manage your auctions - sell items, pass items, put next items to the bidding, place Floor Bid, change the starting price and much more. Also, you will be able to see the bidders that present on the auction now and send messages to the public chat.

More details on the interface of the Live Auctions management page read in Seller Help.

Step 7. Send an invoice to the buyers.

After the end of the auction, its items will be displayed in the "Past" tab. Here, the items of one buyer are automatically formed in the Order:

Contact buyers via our dialogues system:

Send an invoice to the buyers through the attachment:

After receiving payment from the buyers, inform them about that by clicking the corresponding button in the Order. The buyers will see that the payment has been obtained in their interface:

Step 8. Send paid orders.

Send the Order to the address indicated in the shipping information:

After sending, please make a note in the order that it has been sent by clicking the corresponding button. Don't forget to provide the customer with the tracking number of the parcel. Buyers will be able to observe that their orders have been sent:

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