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1933 The Fuhrer speaks to the SA, Propaganda Card
Lot 274
The Fuhrer speaks to the S.A., Dortmund, 1933.
“As long as Hitler still needed the revolutionary pressure of the S.A., the S.S., the Party, the NSBO and other National Socialist combat organizations and associations for excluding the other parties, he could give only partial and very careful expression of the need to restore the state’s authority and the rule of law against the continuing ‘revolutionary’ tendencies in the Party, when the National Socialist movement had completed its monopoly of political power in July, however, he quickly changed course and proclaimed the end of the National Socialist revolution. All future reorganization of state and society had to be evolutionary, uniform and directed from above. It was no longer the NSDAP’s primary duty to fight, but to educate.”
Condition: Mint
Period: 1920-1939
Topic: Poster, Photography, Organizations, Famous people
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1933-45 Third Reich Propaganda & Postal History

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1933-45 Third Reich Propaganda & Postal History. #16.
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