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1937 Munich House of German Art, Franz Weiss Romance
Lot 1638
Munchen. Haus der Deutschen Kunst Franz Weiss ,,Romanze“
Photo-Hoffmann, Miinchen, Friedrichstr. 34
On 18 July 1937 Adolf Hitler delivered a speech at the opening of the Haus der Deutschen Kunst in Munchen:
“In the collapse of Germany after the war, the economic decline had been generally felt, the political decline had been denied by many, and the cultural decline had not even been observed by the majority of the people. It was an age of phrases and catchwords: Art was said to be ‘an international experience.’ It was said that there was no such thing as the art of a people or, better, of a race: there was only the art of a certain period. So today there is not a German or a French art, but a ‘modern art.’ This is to reduce art to the level of fashions in dress, with the motto ‘Every year something fresh.’ And just as in fashions one must wear ‘modern’ clothes whether they are beautiful or not, so the great masters of the past were decried. But true art is and remains eternal.
Type: Postal History, Postcard
Condition: Mint
Period: 1920-1939
Topic: Art
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1933-45 Third Reich Propaganda & Postal History - Specialized Auction #17

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1933-45 Third Reich Propaganda & Postal History - Specialized Auction #17
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