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British Empire: 1937-55, KGVI mint collection mounted on album pages with the vast majority of the countries complete
Lot 60911
British Empire: 1937-55, KGVI mint collection mounted on album pages with the vast majority of the countries complete for the period, incl. Ascension, Australia with postage dues, BOIC, Burma incl. officials, Canada, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Gambia, Ireland, KUT, Kuwait, Nigeria incl. 1939-59 issue with all listed shades and perfs, New Guinea 1939 airmail set, New Hebrides incl. postage dues, Seychelles incl. 1938-49 set of 25, South Africa incl. some officials, Sudan, plus 1938-53 Ascension: selection of varieties with 1/2d perf.13 with long centre bar to E mint (SG.38ba, £90), 1 1/2d perf.13 with Davit flaw mint nh (SG 40ba, £200), 1 1/2d perf.14 with Davit flaw mint (SG.40da, £130), 1 1/2d perf.13 mint nh marginal block with one stamp showing Davit flaw (SG.40fa, £140+), and mint 1s perf.13 1/2 showing re-entry causing doubling of vertical frame lines and value table (R6/4, SG 44 var, CW10a), 1937 Coronation mint nh set of three with SPECIMEN perfin, the 1d with faint vertical bend otherwise very fine, cert. PFSA (1994) (SG £450), 1937-49 Bermuda, KGVI complete basic mint collection plus a specialised section of identified shades of the key-type high values with seven 2s, three 2s6d, six 5s, six 10s, five 12s6d and four £1, very fine and attractive lot (SG STC £6'000+), 1938-49 Hong Kong, KGVI complete basic mint collection incl. 1938-52 set of 23 ($10 green and violet), 1948 Royal Wedding $10, etc., very fine (SG £1'600+), 1938-52 Northern Rhodesia, 1s, 2s6d, 3s, 5s, 10s and 20s mint nh lower marginal blocks of four, very fine (SG £712+), 1937-51 Great Britain, KGVI complete basic mint collection on album pages incl. 1939-48 Arms set mint plus mint nh marginal blocks of four of the 5s, 10s light blue and £1, 1d control P44 cyl.101 block of 6 and 2 1/2 control P44 cyl.172 block of 6, fine (SG £1'100+), an outstanding lovely fresh lot (Total SG £30'000+)
Condition: SGC,www
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