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Nuremberg. Photo Hans Sachs House
Lot 323
Like Augsburg, Nurnberg attained great wealth as an intermediary between Italy and the East on the one hand, and northern Europe on the other. Its manufactures were well known.
The town gradually extended its sway over a territory nearly 500 square miles in extent, and was able to furnish the emperor Maximilian with a contingent of 6,000 troops.

But perhaps the great glory of Nurnberg lies in its claim to be the principal fount of German art. Adam Kraft. Veit Stoss and Peter Vischer are famed as sculptors. In painting Nurnberg claims Albrecht Diirer and Michael Wohlgemuth. A large proportion of the old German furniture, silver-plate, stoves and the like was made in Nurnberg workshops.
Condition: Mint
Period: 1920-1939
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1933-45 Third Reich Propaganda & Postal History

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1933-45 Third Reich Propaganda & Postal History. #16.
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