Georg Bühler Nachf. GmbH

Bornstedter Str. 3
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0049 30 882 73 57
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Coins, Stamps, Collectibles
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Registration date:
Jul 5, 2019
Usual Buyer's Premium (Actual BP view in each auction):
20% Buyers Premium
Payments methods:
+ 6%
About company
The auction house Georg Bühler, founded 1949, started its first auction at the 19th Oktober 1949 with 609 lots, presented in a little booklet. Very fast the booklet grew up and became a high-quality catalogue with some 1000 lots per auction. Especially the classic philatelie was Georg Bühler’s passion. He was not only auctioneer, also a worldwide known and valued expert. Many rarities carry his sign respectively are guarded by his verification. Even today several auction lots and stamps appear with the discription “expertised Bühler”. Despite a high amount of work - to prepare an auction requires months of high concentrated work - Georg Bühler found the time to write an elementary book about the queen of classic german philatelie, the red “Sachsen Dreier”. No other german auctioneer has seen so much of this rare stamp. One more was very important to Georg Bühler; BERLIN the city he was trading stamps even before the war, together with the great philatelists of this time like Mr. Rohr, Richter und Friedmann. BÜHLER - BERLIN, is still today, after 70 years of auction history, a reliable partner for many 1000 philatelists in the World with up to 6 auctions per year. Hardly an area, wich is not presented with one or another pice. Whether rare single lots, collections which were build up over decades or complet remainings: Full of expectations our collectors await their next Bühler catalogue, which is sent by request free of charge to all collectors around the world.