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Lebedin Zemstvo 1894 (20 Aug) Сombination cover of a letter sent from the village of Istorop (Исторопъ) in the Lebedin district (Kharkov province) to Moscow (Certificate) (Lot 2712)
Current price: $2,750
1894 (20 Aug) Сombination cover of a letter sent from the village of Istorop (Исторопъ) in the Lebedin district (Kharkov province) to Moscow. To pay for the service of the Imperial Russian Post, a blue 7-kopek stamp (issued in ...
1868 3k Melitopol Zemstvo, Russia (Schmidt #2, [ RR ], Only 10 Recorded, Certificate, CV $8,000) (Lot 2360)
Current price: $1,100
This issue was withdrawn from official sale due to using the Imperial coat of arms and post horns on the Zemstvo stamp. Rarity level "RR" according to Schmidt. Only 10 copies recorded. Toned gum and repaired tear on the righ...
1879 10k Kherson Zemstvo, Russia (Schmidt #5M, INVERTED Center, Canceled '24 May 1883', Canceled stamp NOT recorded, Ex Faberge, Certificate) (Lot 2217)
Current price: $425
Canceled stamp with inverted center not recorded according to catalogs. Extremely rare. CV $600 for the mint stamp. No price for a canceled stamp. Small tear at the bottom. Terry Page FRPSL Certificate. Ex. Faberge.
Mute Postmark, Postcard (Mute Type #501) (Lot 3231)
Current price: $35
Mute postmark (Mute #501) postcard Немой штемпель (Mute #501) почтовая карточка
1900 Postage Souvenir, Postmark of the Cities of the 'Corner of three Empires'. Russian Border Guard (Lot 1078)
Current price: $30
1900 postal souvenir, postmarks of the cities of the 'corner of three empires' (Russia, Austria-Hungary-Germany). Each city bore the postmarks of its respective Empire. Basic rate and shipping in Germany. Russian border guard 1...
1898 3k Soroki Zemstvo, Block of Four (Schmidt #10PIM, INVERTED Background, Largest-known multiple, Extremely Rare, CV $4,000+, MNH) (Lot 2438)
Current price: $400
1898 3k Soroki Zemstvo, Block of Four Schmidt #10PIM with INVERTED Background. CV $4,000+ according to Large Zemstvo Catalog. Possible largest-known multiple, extremely rare.
1850 Letter from New York (USA) to Liverpool (England), redirected to Russia (Lot 1010)
Current price: $150
1850 Letter from New York (USA) to Liverpool (England), redirected to Russia. Handstamps of payment. 1850 Письмо из Ньй-Йорка, США, в Англию, Ливерпуль, досылка в Россию. Штампы оплаты.
Mute Cancellation of Warsaw (04) Or Brest-Litovsk (01) (Levin #511) (Lot 3184)
Current price: $35
Mute cancellation on a postcard of type 511 (concentric circles without a Central element) Warsaw or Brest-Litovsk. Немое гашение на почтовой открытке типа 511 (концентрические окружности без центрального элемента) Варшавы или ...
Mute Postmark of Nikolaev, Registered Letter, Corporate Envelope, Bank (Nikolayev, Levin #312.01 RLC) (Lot 3096)
Current price: $75
Mute postmark Nikolaev (Nikolayev, Levin #312, 01 RLC) registered letter, corporate envelope, Bank Немой штемпель Николаев (Nikolaev, Levin #312..01 RLC) заказное письмо, фирменный конверт, банк
Mute Cancellation of Balta on the Bank's Corporate Envelope, Parcel Delivery (Balta, Levin #511.01) (Lot 3001)
Current price: $30
Mute cancellation of concentric circles branches in the Balta. Marking of printed works at the parcel rate. Немое гашение концентрическими окружностями отделения в Балте. Маркировка по бандерольному тарифу печатных произведений...
Mute Cancellation of Bahmut on the Advertising Form (Bahmut, Levin #511.01) (Lot 3000)
Current price: $45
Mute cancellation by concentric circles of Bakhmut, Ekaterinoslav province. Advertising form on a postcard, marked with a stamp from the Romanov series. Немое гашение концентрическими окружностями Бахмута, Екатеринославской губ...
Mute Postmark, Letter (Mute Type #540) (Lot 3263)
Current price: $40
Mute postmark (Mute #540) letter Немой штемпель (Mute #540) письмо
Mute Postmark of Tal'noye of the Kiev Province, Parcel Rate of Business Papers, Commercial Letter Бр Нобель (Talnoe, Levin #523.03) (Lot 3165)
Current price: $85
Mute postmark Tal'noye of the Kiev province (Talnoe, Levin #523.03) parcel rate of business papers, Commercial Letter Бр Нобель Немой штемпель Тальное Киевской губернии (Talnoe, Levin #523.03) бандерольный тариф деловых бумаг, ...
1877 3k Borisoglebsk Zemstvo, Russia (Schmidt #2 'Thin Stars' [ RRRR ], Solovyev #2B, Unknown issue, Ex. Baughman) (Lot 2095)
Current price: $120
1877 3k Borisoglebsk Zemstvo, Russia. Schmidt #2 (Solovyev #2B) with thin stars. This unknown issue mentioned in Baughman/Gold and Solovyev catalogs. 'RRRR' rarity level.