About us

Oldbid LLC and Oldlouis Auctions LLC are companies specializing in the sale of rare postage stamps and items of postal history at online auctions since 2018.

Oldlouis Auctions is a philatelic auction house in the United States. We started to sell stamps in 2008 in a small town called Lutsk, which is in Ukraine as an individual seller. At first, we specialized in a narrow range of stamps and coins. However, later on, holding regular Philatelic auctions became our tradition.

Every week we add hundreds of new items to online auctions with just a $1 starting price for rare and valuable items. We hold about 8 large auctions per year with 5,000-7,000 lots in each sale.

Our main directions in philately are
• Russia of all periods
• Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia
• Germany and territories
• Europe & Overseas