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5 International Auction Houses with Huge Experience

September 14, 2018

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The companies in this review are very experienced and they already have their regular buyers and visitors. However, given their impressive performance over the years, it’s highly likely that these firms will show even greater results in the near future. So, here they are.

Paradise Valley Stamp Company, Inc.


Founded: 1993

Location: Concord, NH (United States)

Specialization: USA, France & Monaco, French and German colonies, Russia, Europe


Paradise Valley Stamp Company is an experienced player in the philatelic market and a member of several major philatelic associations. It was founded in 1993 and since then, it has been offering its clients various quality material including rare stamps and collections.

The firm holds approximately 20 auctions per year. Quite often, philatelic events are held every week. Apart from regular auctions, the firm also offers mail sales. Paradise Valley Stamp Company specializes in worldwide stamps with a particular emphasis on the US material. The company buys entire stamp collections and accumulations. Importantly, the firm states that there is no buyer's premium in their sales.



Founded: waiting for information

Location: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Miami (United States)

Specialization: Argentina, Latin America


Philatino is a company driven by as many as seven people. The firm is a member of various stamp associations and communities. The current leader is Guillermo Jalil. According to the company webssite, he is a "professional stamp dealer since 1978, and member of SOCOFIRA, IFSDA, ATA, APS, Sociedad Filatélica de Chile, Sociedad Filatélica Peruana, and many other associations."

In general, the auction house holds approximately 60 auctions per year, which means that every week there's a new philatelic event coming. Apart from stamps and other artifacts of postal history, the firm offers such items as covers and autographs. The auction house has more than 25 years of experience in the stamp market. It has sold some of the greatest rarities of the local philately, which were sold for record amounts of money. At present, the firm has more than 30,000 clients across the globe.

Status International


Founded: 1980’s

Location: Sydney (Australia)

Specialization: Australia, Australian colonies, and Foreign


Status International was founded in the 1980's; however, it became a respected firm much later. According to the information provided by company, the firm "is part of the I S Wright group of businesses." The current owner acquired it in the year 1996. Since then, the company has gradually built its loyal client base. At present, the workforce of Status International comprises 11 people while there are thousands of collectors in the client base.

Every year, the company holds 7 philatelic auctions. In addition, it organizes 2 coin auctions per year. The goal of any of their auctions is to expose each lot to the maximum number of international buyers. The company states that they offer the largest amount of material in the southern part of the world.

Sandafayre Ltd.


Founded: 1976

Location: Knutsford (United Kingdom)

Specialization: All the world


Sandafayre is another respected company in the market with thousands of clients around the world. Auctions are held every week, and items from all over the globe are exhibited there. The firm values diversity, which means that philately from any corner of the world is respected and appreciated.

The company was established in 1976. Its current chairman is Vincent Green. It is curious that Sandafayre initially was a small local stamp store and gradually developed into an international resource for anyone interested in philately. Moreover, the company was among the first to bring stamp auctions to the Internet.

A. Karamitsos


Founded: waiting for information

Location: Thessaloniki / Athens (Greece)

Specialization: Greece, Foreign


This is a company, which provides unique services in South-Eastern Mediterranean. A. Karamitsos sells philatelic and numismatic items, medals, rare maps and books of different countries with a strong emphasis on Greece and south-eastern Mediterranean region.

According to the company information, the firm has more than forty years of experience in the industry. One of the most famous lots realized by A. Karamitsos (Athens Auctions) is the rare Solferino stamp, which is a color error. It was evaluated highly by the expert community and sold for €95,000. At present, there are only 12 known copies of this valuable stamp. Curiously, there were other copies of this stamp sold at A. Karamitsos earlier but the prices were almost two times lower.