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David Feldman SA: Geneva Auction House

October 23, 2019

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This company was founded by a professional philatelist in 1966, and the first auction was held in 1967. In general, David Feldman, who gave his name to this Geneva-based company, certainly belongs to connoisseurs of philately, because he has been engaged in stamp collecting for more than forty years. He believes that stamps have always proven to be a reliable way to invest money. Moreover, the company's practice has shown that in recent years this trend has only grown by attracting large capital for the purchase of vintage rarities. People strive to acquire enduring values that they can own and dispose of. Interestingly, during its existence, the company has achieved record prices for some of the world's most famous postage stamps. At almost every auction, the auctioneer presents some of the most expensive and rare stamps.

The history of the auction house dates back to 1966-1967 when the company was established and the first event was organized. Three years later, the first publication about David's exhibition was published in mass media, and in two years, Irish National Stamp Exhibition was organized by the auctioneer. In 1973, the company settled in Geneva, and two years later the founder joined the Philatelic Advisory Committee. During 1975-2000, David Feldman SA held its first philatelic event in Switzerland, expanded its scope to include Irish philately, sold “Bordeaux Cover” of Mauritius and Treskilling Yellow, and the founder signed the RDP(I).

During the next decades, the auctioneer published its collections series of books and opened a new office in New York and a sales office in Hong Kong. Moreover, the auction house not only focused on international expansion but also realized some valuable collections in excess of US$ 10,000,000.