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Heinrich Koehler (Heinrich Köhler): Oldest European Auction House

October 22, 2019

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This is the oldest European philatelic auction house. Since the 1910s, the name of Heinrich Köhler has been associated with outstanding auctions in the world of philately. At present, this auction house is an essential part of the global philatelic network. Its activities and events are characterized by high quality and loyalty to traditions. The most famous collectors and philatelists of the early 20th century, for example, Philippe La Renotier Ferrari, Baron Rothschild, and Carl Faberge (the famous court jeweler of the Russian tsars) resorted to the services of the auction house of Heinrich Köhler.

Important milestones in the history of the auction house:

• 1913 the first stamp auction held by the auctioneer.

• 1918 sales of the notable "Reitmeister" collection.

• 1927 sales of the beautiful Finnish "Heinola" collection.

• 1929 sales of German Gaston-Nehrlich collection.

• 1940 the auction houses function despite the complexities and horrors of World War II.

• 1949 the first philatelic auction held at a new location in Wiesbaden.

• 1983-1985 sales of the Max-Schaller, Herbert J. Bloch, and Boker collections. During the latter event, the world-famous Baden Error was realized for as much as 1,176,000 euros.

• 2000 the last sale of Boker collection and Patentanwalt-Emil-Hoffmann's collection sales.

• 2001-2009 numerous events held by the auction house including sales of Kampen, Rolf P. Salinger, Gabor Kekkö, "Oranien”, Simon Wiesenthal, ALGOVIUS and ASTRUL collections and much more.

• 2009-2010 during the sale of Fritz Kirchner 's collection, many lots reached record prices.

• 2010 a very significant collection of German postwar history was realized.

• 2010-2014 top collections of Horst and Arnim Knapp, Han Vermeulen, Friedrich Spalink, Norbert Röhm, Dr. Heinz Jaeger, Sylvain Wyler, Klaus-Peter Rühl were offered at stamp auctions.

• 2015 remarkable collections of Harry von Hofmann, Tony Zonneveld, Volker Adler, Dr. Hanns-Georg Friedrich, Dr. Leo Wojnke exhibited by the auctioneer.