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Sandafayre: English Auction House

October 24, 2019

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Sandafayre's image.

Sandafayre is an English online postage stamp auction. It is well known to many avid philatelists from around the world. Having visited the company’s website, the user will immediately notice the company’s commitment to the classics, including design, the auction system, the selection of collections, related accessories, stamp-albums, magnifiers, measurements, albums, catalogs. It may be noted that true English conservatism and modern web technologies are important characteristics, which this auction house combines skillfully.

According to the company’s website, the organization was founded back in 1976. It is located in Cheshire, south of Manchester, where fourteen Sandafayre specialists have been selling postage stamps for over forty years, including breaking large collections into smaller pieces. The auctioneer states the following: "We have stamps for sale from Great Britain, The Commonwealth and countries worldwide." Interestingly, the company does not have a separate specialized store. Their main area of activity is conducting regular postal auctions. However, according to the company, Sandafayre is the largest seller in the philatelic world. In specially equipped rooms, protected from humidity, sun, and robbers, fourteen expert philatelists are patiently and carefully looking for and checking stamps and collections. They constantly have $25-30 million worth of rare stamps in their hands. Auctions are held systematically, and the geography of events is always wide. Some experts in the field note that starting prices may be slightly overpriced if one compares those to the prices observed at smaller online stamps auctions, but this is a fee for the name and a guarantee against fakes and fraud.

At the moment, the company's leadership is represented by Mr. Green and Mr. Harlow who have been engaged in stamp collecting, and philately in general, since the teenage years. Curiously, the organization was among the first to join the internet revolution and brought its services to the worldwide web. However, more importantly, at present, Sandafayre has thousands of customers from all over the world