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A Quick Guide on Stamp Catalogs

August 25, 2018

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Below, you can find a list of different stamp catalogs in alphabetical order with an explanation which territories of the world they cover. These are helpful when evaluating items offered at different stamp auctions and spotting indeed rare and valuable stamps. Worldwide directories are in a separate list at the end of this article.

General Catalogs:

• Michel - published in Germany;

• Scott - worldwide catalog and the Specialized Catalogue of U.S. Stamps and Covers;

• Stanley Gibbons - published in Great Britain; general and specialized catalogs;

• Yvert et Tellier - published in France.

Country Catalogs:

• American Air Mail Society (AAMS) - USA and Canada;

• Bale - Israel/Palestine;

• Brookman – USA;

• Brusden-White (The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue) – Australia;

• Campbell-Paterson - New Zealand;

• Facit catalog - Scandinavia;

J.Barefoot - European and British stamps;

• Krause- Minkus - USA, Canada, and the United Nations;

• Lamy - Peru;

• Ma catalog - China;

• Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Postzegelhandelaren (NVPH) – Netherlands;

• Sakura stamp catalog - Japan;

• Sassone - Italy and colonies;

• Yang catalog - Hong Kong;

• Zumstein - Switzerland and Liechtenstein.