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The Most interesting Christmas postage stamps in 2021

December 20, 2021

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Christmas is a very important period for people from all over the world. Thus, post offices of different countries design and release special collectible stamps on the Christmas theme. All of them have a warm Christmas spirit and seek to develop a pleasant atmosphere for both senders and recipients. 

In this article, stamps that were issued in Great Britain, the United States, Canada, the Faroe Islands, Australia, Greenland, and other countries will be presented and overviewed.

Great Britain’s Christmas stamps

United Kingdom.jpg

Great Britain’s Christmas stamps, image

The Royal Mail has published Christmas 2021 stamp collection featuring Nativity scenes. This collection was designed by the well-known artist Jorge Cocco. The entire stamp collection is devoted to the representation of the story of the Nativity. Thus, we can see on the stamps Mary and Joseph traveling from Nazareth, the birth of Jesus Christ, the shepherds, and other remarkable illustrations.

 Canadian Christmas stamps

Screenshot 2021-12-21 145111.jpg

Canadian Christmas stamps, image

Canada Post has released both secular and religious stamps. Talking about secular postage stamps, they were designed by the prominent illustrator Geneviève Godbout. The festive illustrations include the images of three classic holiday characters: Santa Claus, a reindeer, and an elf. All of them helped to reawake the positive feelings associated with Christmas.

 U.S. Christmas stamps


U.S. Christmas stamps, image

The United States Postal Service devoted the Christmas collection to its classic icon, Santa Claus. Thus, on the postage stamps “A Visit From St. Nick”, we can see Santa Claus in different poses as he delivers gifts on Christmas Eve. These postage stamps were designed by Greg Breeding and Brad Woodard.

Australian Christmas stamps

Screenshot 2021-12-21 145447.jpg

Australian Christmas stamps, image

Australian Post issued a set of five postage stamps on the Christmas theme. The first two traditional Christmas stamps are devoted to the representation of the religious artworks featuring the Madonna and Child. The other three stamps are secular in theme and they represent the custom of celebrating Christmas with sugary gingerbread treats. Stamps were designed by the artists Sonia Young and Jo Muré.

Ukrainian Christmas stamp


Ukrainian Christmas stamps, image

Ukrainian Post has released a postage stamp ‘Merry Christmas’. It is devoted to the birth of Jesus Christ. The postage stamp combined both religious and historical motifs, as we can see Jesus and his mother Mary, as well as the Cossacks and Volodymyr the Great, a ruler of Kievan Rus' and a person who Christianized it. The stamp was designed by the artist Mykola Kochubei.


Greenland’s Christmas stamps


Greenland’s Christmas stamps, image

The set of Christmas stamps was issued by the Post Office in Greenland. Two Christmas postage stamps were designed by the artist Maria Bach Kreutzmann. The artists managed to combine both traditions, culture, and Christmas atributes to develop these beautiful stamps. Maria Bach Kreutzmann explains the meaning behind the various symbols within the stamp in the following way:

“…I chose to combine it with a woman with Greenlandic tattoos, as I feel this conveys ’new-meets-old-meets-new-again’. Tattoos are a tradition that is making a comeback. Along with the old tradition of the Christmas star, it just felt right to put them together, also to show tattoos in the context of being ordinary and commonplace. Just as I hope that the tradition of the Christmas star never disappears, I also believe that tattoos are an old tradition that has come back to stay.”

 Overall, it is possible to state that the artist managed to design one of the most outstanding and valuable designs of the postage stamps of this year.

Austrian Christmas stamp


Austrian Christmas stamp, image

Austrian Post has released one of the most interesting and unusual designs of Christmas postage stamps. ‘Mitten’ postage stamp was designed by David Gruber. This unique and self-adhesive textile stamp in the shape of a glove features a red reindeer and white snowflakes. The stamp was printed on a blend of cotton and polyester. Overall, this postage stamp can become a notable part of any collection or can be a very special stamp for sending a warm and pleasant Christmas mail.

The Faroe Islands’ Christmas stamps


The Faroe Islands’ Christmas stamps,  image 

The Faroe Islands’ Post has released a beautiful set of the Christmas Stamps. The photographer and designer of these stamps is Harriet Olafsdóttir av Gørðum. She put portrait photos of the Faroese sheep with flower wreaths on their heads. Overall, these eye-catching and adorable postage stamps masterfully represent the natural beauty and soul of the Faroese sheep.

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