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The Story of the Treskilling Yellow

June 18, 2018

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The unique stamp, which is the highlight of this review, was issued in 1855 in Sweden. Back then, five different stamps were issued including 3 and 8-skilling ones. The three-skilling stamp was green. The eight-skilling one was of yellow-orange color. One day, for unknown reasons, the three-skilling stamp of yellow color was issued. Experts suggest that employees forgot to change the paint and issued a sheet of yellow stamps, which were successfully sold later. Despite the fact that a whole sheet of yellow rare stamps was printed, at present, only one yellow stamp has been found. Therefore, the value of the three-skilling stamp is determined by its color.

This stamp was discovered in 1885 by a young man who saw it among old letters and papers. A year later, he sold it for 7 kronor, which was a large sum of money at that time. The person who acquired the stamp was Heinrich Lichtenstein. He could not determine the authenticity of the item so he decided to ask for expert opinion. Experts confirmed that the stamp was genuine. After that, several people owned the Treskilling Yellow. Finally, in 1894, a well-known collector bought the stamp for $3,000. Since no other Treskilling Yellow stamps were found since 1885, it became clear that this stamp was unique.

The owner of the stamp (Philippe Ferrari) died in 1917, and the French government confiscated his collection. Interestingly, his collection was sold in parts despite the will he left. After the death of the stamp owner, its lifecycle became volatile. Here's what happened to the Treskilling Yellow after Philippe Ferrari died:

• 1992 - The stamp was sold to Baron Eric Leijonhufvud. He bought it for $4,300-$5,000.

• 1923 - Claes A. Tamm acquired the stamp at a price two times greater than the previous one.

• 1928 - Johan Ramberg tracked the lifecycle of the stamp and bought it at an auction. Its price rose to $15,000.

• 1937 - King Carol II acquired the stamp in his collection. The price of the yellow stamp was doubled. The Treskilling Yellow became one of the most expensive stamps ever printed.

• 1950 - Rene Berlingen acquired the three-skilling stamp. The price is still unknown.

• 1971 - The stamp was put up for auction on behalf of the owner for $500,000. Despite the unusual story of the stamp, no one dared to buy it.

• 1974 - A scandal was brewing around the item. The Swedish Postal Museum planned to purchase the unique item for $1,000,000, but during the evaluation experts claimed that the stamp might be fake. A year later, another examination dispelled all the rumors and confirmed the authenticity of the Treskilling Yellow.

• 1978 - Edgar Mohrmann bought the unique stamp. The price was 1 million deutsche mark.

• 1984 - The Treskilling Yellow was acquired by a secret buyer from Scandinavia for almost $500,000.

• 1990 - A successful businessman buys the unique item for $1,3 million. However, the contradictions between the buyer and the seller led to the cancellation of the deal.

• 1996 - The price of the item reached a record value at all the subsequent auctions. A Swedish stamp dealer purchased it for $2,3 million, but again the buyer could not pay for the stamp.

• 1998 - A secret buyer from Copenhagen acquired the yellow stamp. The price has not been disclosed yet.

• 2010 - A group of people bought the Treskilling Yellow for $2,3 million.

• 2012 – A scandal erupted. The Andre family tried to file a lawsuit against a bank, claiming that their Treskilling Yellow stamps (which they allegedly kept there) were missing. Their claim was rejected.

• 2013 - A well-known Swedish politician has bought the unique stamp and continues keeping it in his collection.

Thus, the one and only Treskilling Yellow, which was printed by mistake, remains one of those exclusive lots that become even more valuable with time. Scandals associated with it can never affect its popularity. We will continue following the lifecycle of the Treskilling Yellow, and we will let our audience know when the unique stamp will be put up for auction again.