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Rare Chinese vase that was kept in a shoe box for decades. Sotheby's image.

Rare “Yangcai Crane and Deer Ruyi Vase” from a Shoe Box

June 03, 2018

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One day, a family from France found a vase in one of their shoe boxes. They thought it might be valuable, so they sent it for assessment. Sotheby's experts identified that the vase was a piece from Famille Rose porcelains and it could cost more than $600,000.

Grandparents of the current owners inherited it along with some other valuable pieces. Curiously, they didn’t even like the vase despite its exclusivity. According to Sotheby's experts, this item was created by the Jingdezhen workshops. There are no other vases of this kind, because it was made for the Qianlong Emperor's courts. The lot will be sold on June 12, and we will definitely keep you updated on the result. Meanwhile, you should check those shoe boxes you have at home because there may be some exclusive pieces waiting for you, too!



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