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“14 Small Electric Chairs” by Andy Warhol. Maecenas image.

Andy Warhol’s Canvas for Bitcoins

June 12, 2018

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A painting by the famous artist Andy Warhol called “14 Small Electric Chairs” will soon be put up for auction. Interestingly, this will be a cryptocurrency auction, which will be held at Dadiani Syndicate art gallery. It should be noted that such auctions are gaining greater popularity, and the upcoming event has already attracted the attention of both crypto enthusiasts and experienced collectors. According to experts in the field, the cost of this painting is $5,6 million. It is known that the event will be held by the Maecenas blockchain platform. The participants of the auction will be able to pay using ART tokens, Bitcoins, and Ethereum. They will acquire a partial ownership interest in this canvas. The final cost of the painting will be determined by a smart contract. At the moment, the reserve price is 4 million USD. All the participants of the event will have to adhere to the AML and CBS policies.