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How to Estimate the Price of Your Antique Item Using the Internet

June 27, 2018

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If you think that you have an antique item, which might be quite valuable, you don't need to rush to an appraiser or a dealer straight away. You can conduct your own research first to find out how much your item costs and become an informed seller. Also, you should always remember that an item is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Here are five tips to help you determine the value of your antique item:

1. Visit the most popular online marketplaces and check items similar to yours. The first in your list should be eBay and Amazon. Also, try checking online antique malls. TIAS and GoAntiques can be quite helpful.

2. Try WorthPoint resource to estimate the price of your item. WorthPoint Library will provide you with access to a hundred different price guides and articles. Apart from that, you'll be able to check almost 300 historical prices, which help you build an understanding of your item's worth. This resource is very helpful as it gathers information from both websites and auction houses. You can try searching for your item for free (the first seven price lookups are free).

3. Checking a search engine can be also a good idea. Go to Barnebys to look through different auctions and prices of sold lots. You can compare prices for similar objects to learn how much your item may cost or use their free appraisal service to get a quick price estimation.

4. Another resource, which can help you estimate the price of your antique item is ValueMyStuff. It is a website where you can upload the images and description of your item, and a team of experts will conduct a rapid appraisal of your antiques. The entire process takes only 48 hours after which you will receive an appraisal certificate. One appraisal costs $20. Please check their website to learn more.

5. Last but not least, you can try Mearto appraisal resource. It can help you determine the worth of your antique or unique item and find out about its history. Their services cost $15 per item. A great benefit of using this particular service is that you can keep your search private. Please check their website to learn more.