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Opsydia is an organization, which develops new technologies for reaching gemstone security. Opsydia image.

Opsydia Has Developed an Innovative Technology for Marking Diamonds

June 11, 2018

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Opsydia (University of Oxford spin-out) has developed a new technology for making marks inside diamonds. In order to make this type of marking, a special high-precision laser is needed. The technique can be used for etching any type of imprint ranging from simple numbers and letters to logos. It is important that this laser is capable of making marks one fiftieth the size of a human hair, and such imprints will be etched not on the surface but inside the gemstone. This way, the marks cannot be erased even with intensive polishing.

To etch imprints inside a gemstone, ultra-quick laser pulses are applied to a gemstone. Such a mark can only be seen under a microscope. It is crucial that the use of this technology does not alter or affect the characteristics of diamonds. In the nearest future, this technology will be used for marking synthetic diamonds.