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Antique Russian Empire gold ring. Konstantin Antiques images.

Verifying the Authenticity of Russian Gold

June 07, 2018

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Antique items are extremely popular because they belong to the classics and grow in price with time. The value of a lot grows exponentially if it dates back to centuries ago and its functionality has been preserved. Importantly, each collector should know how to determine the authenticity of an antique item. Those two images you see show a Russian Empire gold ring.

To make sure the ring is authentic, the collector should check several things. Gold items created during the existence of the Russian Empire are marked with the number 56 (as seen on the ring). Apart from the millesimal fineness mark, the item must have the coat of arms of the locality or the initials of the jeweler engraved on it. On the ring, the jeweler’s initials are present as well (i.e., “XK”). Since the ring has all the essential markings, it means that it is authentic indeed.