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1933 The Fuhrer with the boys in blue, Propaganda Card
Lot 273
The Fuhrer with the boys in blue.
“On February 2, 1933 Hitler made a two hour address to the top generals and admirals. Admiral Erich Raeder revealed the tenor of this first meeting of the Nazi Chancellor with the officer corps. Hitler, he said, freed the military elite from its fears that the armed services might be called upon to take part in a civil war and promised that the Army and Navy could now devote themselves unhindered to the main task of quickly rearming the new Germany. On July 20, 1933, the Chancellor promulgated a new Army Law, abolishing the jurisdiction of the civil courts over the military and doing away with the elected representation of the rank and file, thus restoring to the officer corps its ancient military prerogative. A good many generals and admirals began to see the Nazi revolution in a different and more favorable light.”
Condition: Mint
Period: 1920-1939
Topic: Poster, Photography, Organizations
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1933-45 Third Reich Propaganda & Postal History

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1933-45 Third Reich Propaganda & Postal History. #16.
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