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1936 The Main Post Office of Oldenburg Photo postcard
Lot 14
The Main Post Office of Oldenburg in Oldenburg.
Oldenburg, the capital of the former state of Oldenburg is an industrial and commercial city on the Hunte River, 80 miles west of Bremen. A major river port, it is known for its 13"' century church. The population of Oldenburg in the 1930s was 66,950.
Post card No. 852 printed by Paul Andreas, Bremen. Franked with Scott Nos. 416 and 422. Posted in Apen, 6 July 1936. (The location of Apen has not been determined.)
The message sent to Mrs. C. Toepfer of Millington, New Jersey reads as follows:
“I find it very nice out here, everybody happy, no excitement, better than I expected it. Best regards also to Mr. Toepfer . . . from Mrs. L. Seghorn”
“The Germans heard vaguely in their censored press and broadcasts of the revulsion abroad (over the racial laws which excluded Jews from the German community) but they noticed that it did not prevent foreigners from flocking to the Third Reich and seemingly enjoying its hospitality. For Nazi Germany, much more than soviet Russia, was open for all the world to see. The tourist business thrived and brought in vast sums of badly needed foreign currency. Apparently the Nazi leaders had nothing to hide. Foreigners, no matter how antiNazi, could come to Germany and see and study what they liked—with the exception of the concentration camps and, as in all countries, the military installations. And many did. And many returned who if they were not converted, were at least rendered tolerant of the ‘New Germany’ and believed that they had seen, as they said, ‘positive achievements.’”
William L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
Type: Postal History, Postcard
Condition: Used
Period: 1920-1939
Topic: Architecture
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